About Me

Xavier Walker is an aspiring reporter and editor for NPR Music. As someone who cannot recall a moment when they were not meditating over the soundtrack to their life, Walker loves music as a tool of joy, connecting, and theorizing. He enters the world of music journalism as a means of procuring these tools while writing about what is truly important to them.

Originally from Brooklyn, Walker will graduate this May from Lafayette College in Easton, PA with a bachelor's degree in English and Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. As a student, they have earned bylines at The Lafayette, National Museum of African American History and Culture, and countless professor's classrooms.

During his time at Lafayette, Walker has made his transition into the cultural sector via being the creator and co-host of a radio show and two podcasts (Food for the Homies and The MXN Show), as well as moderating numerous panels for artists and speakers alike from Danez Smith and Porsha Olayiwola to Ericka Hart and Da'Shaun Harrison. After pitching and writing their first news article this past fall featuring a student run concert, they were given the immense honor of being that week's cover story. An artist himself, Walker is also a DJ and house music producer.

My Latest Work

Erotic Autonomy as Black Queer Future

"Sliding down a pole to Hell is not the way most people imagine the end of their life. However, hiding from memory-erasing drones at an underground sex party is not the way most people imagine living their lives either. Lil Nas X and Janelle Monae in their music videos for “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” and “Screwed” showcase their own ideas for, and participation within, citizenship in both present day and the afterlife."

Facts can exist without human intelligence, but truth cannot

Toni Morrison

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I have to remember facts and try to use my talent or my art or my creativity to tell the truth about the facts

Maya Angelou